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You make decent money, but where does it all go?

You give so much to others, work hard at your profession, and are the model of success.

Or are you?

Secretly, you fear your friends will find out it’s all make-believe.

That you are really just one paycheck away from a crisis
. . . or you’ve racked up an embarrassing amount of debt
. . . or your "golden" years might not be so golden.

The truth of it all?


TODAY is the day to take charge of your money and build the future you deserve!

Plan your destiny.

Stop feeling trapped and take control of your future; dare to make work optional.

Build financial freedom.

Grow your income and shrink your expenses; align your money with your values.

Live your dreams.

Life can't wait until retirement; take steps to build your dream life now.

Learn how to Master your Money . . . and your Life

You don’t need to go it alone!  Join one of my highly-engaging workshops or courses, where I’ll walk you through each step of the journey to financial freedom – and connect you to a supportive online community. Let go of your money worries and get excited about the future again!

Financial Freedom for Women Workshops
Launch your journey to freedom with a 7-week live workshop. Held only three times per year and limited to 20 women per workshop. Sign up early!
Financial Freedom Academy
Take our comprehensive self-paced Academy and follow the Action Plan that leads to financial freedom. The Academy will help you design your dream life!
Get out of Debt Now!
Sign up for this self-paced course to slay debt once and for all. You'll use the Debt Toolkit to pay off debt fast. Accelerate your journey by adding a side hustle! 
Emergency Financial Planning
Be ready when catastrophe strikes by creating an emergency financial plan. Includes resources on coronavirus relief programs.

Dr. Brenda, Financial Coach

I'm passionate about motivating and coaching people on how to become financially free. Why? Because I've been there.

I experienced the hopelessness that comes with poverty, but I kept going. And once I hit my stride, I saved and invested as much money as I could. Over time, I built a net worth of over $1,000,000, and I did it as a single mom. (You can read more here.)

I would be honored to guide you on your personal journey to financial freedom. Here's a little more about who I am:

  • A Financial Coach who helps her clients not only manage their money, but to chase their dreams.
  • An Educator with a knack for turning complex issues into easy-to-follow action steps.
  • Researcher who bases her programs on facts and empirically-tested methods.
  • Sociologist who empathizes with the less fortunate and strives for social justice.

I will give you the tools, resources, and motivation that empowers you to take charge of your finances and craft your destiny. I believe you can do amazing things! Let's do this!.

Dr. Brenda

Hi, I’ll be your navigator on this incredible journey!

Hi! I’m Dr. Brenda

I used to have a high-stress career, but one day it vanished. And the doors opened to a new kind of life. One that allowed me to explore what I really wanted out of life.

Now I’m on a mission to help you become financially free and escape the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

Do you really want to be punching the clock until you’re too old to enjoy life? Let me help you design a more rewarding life with fewer money worries.  

Would you like one-on-one coaching with Dr. Brenda?